Florida Concealed Weapons License / 
Permit Course

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Get EVERYTHING The State of Florida requires to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons License COMPLETED at ONE LOCATION Bass Pro Shops, Dania Beach (Fort Lauderdale)!! centrally located in Broward between MIAMI DADE and PALM BEACH COUNTIES. Most applicants receive their Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit also called a Fl CWP, CWL, CCW, CCL in 4 to 5 weeks from the time the completed application is mailed to Tallahassee!! Expedited 2 to 3 week service also available, but requires you to make a trip to the division of licensing regional office (appointment required) in West Palm Beach or Miami.

$75 per Student (Cash Only) includes the following:
-Firearm, ammo, eye/ear protection for use during course

$20 per Student (Cash Only) includes the following:
-Fingerprinting, Photo, and Notary Services (available
 on-site only for those participating in this course)
-State application packet (completed during this course)

Discounts offered (with proof) to military, law enforcement, fire rescue, and NRA members.  Call or email for more info.
PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION TO THIS COURSE (Firearm, ammo, eye/ear protection will be provided during this course).

Upon successful completion of this course (ALL required paperwork will be completed during this course), if you take advantage of the fingerprinting, photo, and notary services, you will have everything you need to apply for your State of Florida Concealed Weapon / Firearm License.

**The State of Florida application fee ($112) payable by check or money order is separate from this class and not included. This fee is mailed in with your application and therefore is not necessary to bring to class.  Currently the Florida Concealed Weapons License is valid in over 30 States for a 7 year term for those who qualify. Renewals are currently only $60.  Participants must be at least 21 years old and a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident with Valid Alien Resident Card.  Florida Residency is NOT required, thus residents of other U.S. states may also apply.

Reservations Required - Call or email now to reserve your seat (limited seating fills quickly) 954-512-4848 or joe@gunschedule.com

This course is conducted by a Certified Firearms Instructor from SOS, LLC and held at
Bass Pro Shops / Outdoor World (I-95 and Griffin Rd.)
200 Gulf Stream Way
Dania Beach, FL 33004

The classroom is located inside Bass Pro Shops.  Enter the door next to the Fishing Department restrooms.  Go to the end of the hallway.

***Though extremely rare, class dates / times / range location / classroom location are subject to change***

Attend ONE of the following dates

April 2014:
4/08 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
4/10 Thurs. 6pm to 9pm(LADIES ONLY)
4/12 Sat. 10am to 1pm
4/19 Sat. 10am to 1pm
4/22 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
4/26 Sat. 10am to 1pm
4/29 Tues. 6pm to 9pm

May 2014:
5/10 Sat. 10am to 1pm
5/13 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
5/17 Sat. 10am to 1pm
5/20 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
5/27 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
5/31 Sat. 10am to 1pm

June 2014:
6/10 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
6/12 Thurs. 6pm to 9pm(LADIES ONLY)
6/14 Sat. 10am to 1pm
6/17 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
6/21 Sat. 10am to 1pm
6/24 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
6/28 Sat. 10am to 1pm

July 2014:
7/08 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
7/12 Sat. 10am to 1pm
7/15 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
7/19 Sat. 10am to 1pm
7/22 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
7/26 Sat. 10am to 1pm
7/29 Tues. 6pm to 9pm

August 2014:
8/09 Sat. 10am to 1pm
8/12 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
8/14 Thurs. 6pm to 9pm(LADIES ONLY)
8/16 Sat. 10am to 1pm
8/19 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
8/23 Sat. 10am to 1pm
8/26 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
8/30 Sat. 10am to 1pm

September 2014:
9/09 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
9/11 Thurs. 6pm to 9pm(LADIES ONLY)
9/13 Sat. 10am to 1pm
9/16 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
9/20 Sat. 10am to 1pm
9/23 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
9/27 Sat. 10am to 1pm
9/30 Tues. 6pm to 9pm

October 2014:
10/09 Thurs. 6pm to 9pm(LADIES ONLY)
10/11 Sat. 10am to 1pm
10/14 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
10/18 Sat. 10am to 1pm
10/21 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
10/25 Sat. 10am to 1pm
10/28 Tues. 6pm to 9pm

November 2014:
11/08 Sat. 10am to 1pm
11/11 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
11/13 Thurs. 6pm to 9pm(LADIES ONLY)
11/15 Sat. 10am to 1pm
11/18 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
11/22 Sat. 10am to 1pm
11/25 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
11/29 Sat. 10am to 1pm

December 2014:
12/09 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
12/11 Thurs. 6pm to 9pm(LADIES ONLY)
12/13 Sat. 10am to 1pm
12/16 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
12/20 Sat. 10am to 1pm
12/23 Tues. 6pm to 9pm
12/27 Sat. 10am to 1pm
12/30 Tues. 6pm to 9pm

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